I love flowers! I live in a garden and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t cut flowers to bring into my studio and home. I adore flowers of all kinds including hydrangeas, roses, daisies and buttercups!

One of my all time favorite vases of flowers was the bunch of dandelions my daughter, Hannah, gave to me when she was just a little girl! The bouquet she held so proudly was simple, sweet and full of joy!

I love to share flowers with friends and family too. I often attach a little message plaque to a bouquet of daisies that reads “ thanks a bunch” or when someone is not feeling well I pop a bunch of white hydrangea in a vase, with a note that reads “a bunch of well wishes.” The language of flowers is diverse, meaningful and beautiful. A bouquet of flowers can say so many things; a wish for wellness, a happy birthday, a heartfelt apology, a sincere expression of loss or a great big welcome of a new life.

So, when I had the opportunity to work with the best flower company in the world I was jumping up and down doing the happy dance!!

I now design exclusively for 1-800-Flowers including vases, mugs, and containers for their beautiful flowers and plants.

For sending someone a special message everyday and during the holidays 1-800-Flowers has beautiful floral arrangements and plants. They also offer gourmet popcorn, chocolates, fine stationery and cookies! I will be designing yummy, sweet, delicious and savory messages for all of the fantastic ways you can tell someone how amazing they are.

To view my latest products at 1-800-FLOWERS visit this link: Sandra Magsamen gifts at 1-800-FLOWERS

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