Building your Nest



The concept of a nest, and I mean an actual birds nest, is something that warrants more awe and amazement than it usually gets credit for. If you have ever taken the time to inspect a bird’s nest up close and personal you would notice the painstakingly intricate and precise way that a bird chooses found materials to weave and construct a home. Building a nest takes time, patience, ingenuity, and precision – a nest cannot be made haphazardly and without thought or care. Furthermore, no nest is the same nor should it be. The beauty of a nest is that it is unique and impossible to replicate.

When creating the space in which you live, it should be done with an equal amount of care, precision, time, and patience. There are basic necessities of course, but one should not be in a rush to fill a space simply for the sake of filling it. Choose items for your home wisely, and slowly weave a nest that feels truly unique.

Take the time to be creative with your space and choose pieces of furniture that speak to your individual style and esthetic. Designing a stylish space does not mean that you need to spend over half your paycheck on cool new furniture, in fact I think it is quite the opposite – make it yourself!

Hannah Magsamen Barry