Sandra And HannahI’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. Every moment of every day I am actively making something: my art, my garden, yummy meals, great friends, a family, poetry, books, a home, a business, and a life. The truth is, we all are making things, ideas, relationships, businesses, and opportunities all the time.

I started my business 30 years ago, before my daughter, Hannah, was born. I made pottery that allowed me to engrave my poetry on each piece sharing a simple heartfelt message.

The way I made things 30 years ago is different from the way I make things today. It’s different, not better or worse. It’s different because I’m different. I’ve had 30 years of experiences and life that have helped me to grow into who I am today.

As we grow, so do our abilities and skills to make things and ideas as we have.  That’s a beautiful thing! Like a plant or flower, we grow because we are nurtured. Plants and flowers need sun and water. People need love and belonging.

A few weeks ago, I began making this website. My intention is for it to be a destination where people can come to find ideas, art, poetry, recipes, journeys, and stories that are nurturing, artful and plain fun!

Sandra And HannahThis website is a continuation of my life’s work.
It is not a re-invention, it is an invention.
It is not new, it is the next step on my  journey.
It is not re-branding, it is remembering what the heart of my work is and sharing it as authentically as I can with folks who long to celebrate, connect and communicate in their own unique ways.

I didn’t make the website alone. It’s been a collaboration with really creative and talented people. My daughter, Hannah, is one of the talented people who has helped to make this site. Hannah is now 25 years old and living in Paris, France.  She is an artist, writer, traveler, and a kind and gentle soul. Hannah is now working with me to make this website and our business. I am so happy that she will be sharing her artful ideas as we continue to grow together. You will find posts in our blog from Hannah that speak to places, people, ideas, recipes, and stories that share how others live their authentic and meaningful lives.

I am so very grateful to my team of talented collaborators who are all makers of this site. Aaron Frey who is our web designer; Mark Barry, my amazing husband, fan club president, and talented photographer; Karen Botti, who is my everything and does every job needed; Trina Storfer, my friend and agent who gives me honest advice, shares her stunning style, and is such a great support to me; and Erica Kane who has been incredibly helpful in so many ways.

The site will be a place to share new collections, debut my books, and give updates on where you can find me and my collections. Sign up to be a member of our “Share a Message Campaign” and send (for free) artful message cards to your friends and family via social media.

May you find inspiration, laughter, joy, artful ideas, support, encouragement to follow your heart, yummy foods to share, heartfelt messages, creative solutions, knowledge and love as you weave your way through these pages.

All my best,


2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Holly Hunter Berry September 27, 2014 at 2:41 am #

    I just love your new site! I have purchased so many of your items over the years….where has the time flown! Looking forward to seeing updates.

  2. Kim September 27, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    I am so excited! I have loved you for many years! Your art, your books! My grandchildren adore your children’s books! You know you’re an earth angel don’t you? Spreading love and joy and happiness by allowing it to flow through and out of you to all of us. A double blessing- you and us!
    Big Hugs and Congratulations on your newest adventure!