Repurposing the Ordinary Into Something Pretty Awesome!


It all started when I made my first trip to the shops one weekend in search of Christmas gifts for my family and friends, and just couldn’t find anything that really felt special. I remembered a project that my family did together a few years ago where we made candelabras out of piping for a holiday Christmas market. I thought, maybe I could do this myself and give these beautifully, hand-crafted candle stands as my Christmas gifts this year.

Somehow, over the course of a week or so, this idea evolved into a rather large project that left me with candle stands of all sizes, and lamps as well. Learning to wire a lamp safely and effectively I admit did take some time, and I cannot deny that I gave myself an electrical shock – just once and with no permanent damage… I hope, but in all this project resulted in unique gifts that can be used and treasured for years to come.


How to Make a Copper and Brass Candle Stand

The bases of all my candle stands are pieces of wood cut from shipping pallets. After cutting all to the size desired I thoroughly sanded the edges and sides to give it a more smooth and finished look.

Your local hardware store will offer a wide selection of pipe options, and attachment mechanisms. I find it most helpful to draw out the look I want beforehand, so when I get to the store it is just a matter of picking up the right puzzle pieces for the job.

The only real tool necessary in this project is a sturdy wrench to ensure that all pipes are tightly screwed together, as you do not want your candle stand moving when there is a hot flame.

Finally, choose an assortment of long candlesticks from your local craft store. I prefer white or beige candlesticks, however, for a special event a colorful candle looks great too!


How to Make a Copper and Brass Lamp

The basic “shell” if you will of the lamp is the exact same process as the candle stand.

Wiring the electrical feed through the piping and attaching all elements necessary for the bulbs are quite easy and can be done in as short as 10 minutes time once you have gotten the process down. Speak to any professional at your local hardware store to be given a detail description of the process.

When making a lamp created from metal piping, it is important to use an earth wire to avoid any mishaps.


Hannah Magsamen Barry